Earning from YouTube for beginners.


Before talking about earning with YouTube, let’s know what YouTube is and what it does. YouTube is an American video sharing website which was bought into service in February 2005. It was then bought by Google in November 2006.

YouTube allows users to upload their videos, watch videos of other users, adding comments, liking the videos, sharing the videos and also subscribing to a specific user. It has recently added the feature of adding stories.

Earning from YouTube for beginners

I am a youtuber and I would like to share what it feels like being a beginner and trying to earn. YouTube has updated its policies related to earning on YouTube. In order to monetize your content one will have to have 4000 watch hours in the last years and 1000 subscribers.

This is indeed very hard to achieve unless you have very great content and yourey taking it seriously.

Let’s just calculate:

For a beginner with fewer subscribers, in my case 290.

A year has 365 days, around 52 weeks. Suppose you plan to make 3 videos a week. You’ll have 52 * 3 = 156 videos in a year. If the average length of your videos is around 20 minutes. Then 3120 minutes will be the watch time of one viewer. so if 100 viewers watch your videos on average, you’ll have 312000 minutes of watch time a year. 312000 minutes is 5200 hours of watch time.

I wouldn’t say whether you can earn easily on YouTube or not but with consistency and hard work you can definitely do that. Nothing come easy, no pain no gain, you have to keep trying. On a platform such as YouTube where there are millions of channels, you need to shine and you cannot do that waiting for your subscribers to grow of sudden.

If you want to do YouTube as a career or willing to give it a try then start now and do it at least for 3 to 4 months. You’ll get an idea by the growth of your channel whether you want to continue or not.

Read the guidelines for YouTube monetization.

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